Wooden Blinds: A More Energy Efficient Alternative

Energy Efficient Alternative

If you’re looking for attractive window coverings that are also energy-efficient, now is the time to consider wooden blinds. But, just how do these types of blinds help you become a greener person?

The Ability to Block Cold Drafts

Wooden Blinds 300x225 Wooden Blinds: A More Energy Efficient Alternative

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In both Fall and Winter, you may experience cold drafts from poorly insulated windows. Wood blinds, especially those that come with decorative tape, help block cold drafts, meaning you don’t have to run to turn up the thermostat.

Saving on heating bills is a definite plus, but you’re also using less natural gas or electricity, which will lower your carbon footprint.

Natural Sunlight for Warmth

When opened, wooden blinds also offer warmth to the room. This is especially important for climates where the sun shines, even during the colder months.

Allowing the sunlight to help warm your rooms also helps you ignore the thermostat and heat up the rooms with a natural energy resource.

Blocks Ultra-Violet Rays

UV rays from the sun can damage your valuables. Upholstery, carpeting and artwork will fade from too much UV exposure. Wood blinds at TheShadeStore.com will block harmful UV rays and keep your valuables protected.

Even if you have custom windows, wood blinds made to fit unconventionally shaped windows makes sure you prevent all UV rays from continually damaging your furniture, rugs or paintings and other artwork.

Controls Light and Ventilation

Energy.gov recommends that consumers use wooden blinds because you can also control the amount of light and ventilation to all the rooms in your home.

On Spring or Fall days where you want natural air to flow through, the slats of wooden blinds can easily be adjusted so breezes flow through all the slats, from top to bottom, unlike blinds that you can only open to a certain point.

Lowers Your Energy Bills

Your energy bills will be lower because wooden blinds offer the ability to keep the cold out and allow the sun to warm rooms. You’ll also notice a decrease in your gas and electric bills.

Environmentally Friendly Compared to Hardwoods

Many wooden blinds are now being made from durable bamboo. When we cut down hardwood trees, it will take decades for another to grow in its place.

Bamboo, however, can grow two to three feet in just a single day. Unlike hardwood trees, bamboo is ready for harvest in just three to six years. Once a bamboo plant is fully mature, they can continually be harvested every year. Because four percent of the African forest contains bamboo, the supply for wood blind manufacturers is endless, making it a smart renewable energy source.

Sets an Eco-Conscious Example

With wooden blinds, you can set the energy-efficient standard in your neighborhood. Go ahead brag about your utility bill savings!

It’s also a great way to teach your children how we need to use natural or renewable energy sources to save the planet.

If you’re into green living, choosing wooden blinds are a great energy-efficient alternative to other window coverings.


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