Winter Design Tips for Your Home

winter design tips

With summer almost over and Autumn just around the corner, the thought on the minds of most design enthusiasts is which trends will take centre stage as we move into the latter part of 2013. Throughout the year we’ve seen an abundance of bright colours, glossy finishes and brass metal pieces which have perfectly complimented the 21st century passion for up-cycling and vintage. But where will be heading to next?

Homey Kitchens

Homey kitchens have been on trend for a while and it looks as though this preference is set to continue into the coming, colder months. This is actually no big surprise, as the homey trend is all about creating warmth and comfort. Think solid furniture, cosy fabrics and cute, vintage patterns.

Autumnal Colours

When is autumn ever not in season? There’s something so special about the colours you start seeing towards the end of September, when the leaves are changing and the sky starts taking on a duskier quality in the hours before nightfall. You don’t need to dress your house from head to toe in burnt ochre and sultry red in order to catch the autumnal spirit. Instead, a few key decorative pieces will help to keep your home in sync with the season.

Solid Wood Furniture

As always, solid wood furniture is a staple of any luxurious home. The earthy, enduring nature of solid wood cannot be overstated, and as such it’s a design staple which has stood the test of time. Unfortunately there’s a lot of tat around right now which is being passed off as solid wood, when in fact it’s simply inferior quality material with a ‘solid’ wood veneer. So when shopping for real wood furniture, always make sure you go to a notable retailer. Notation furniture is a good start, and they’ve got some beautiful pieces in right now.

Beautiful Artwork

As our homes have become cosier, hanging artwork has become more in vogue. Whereas the walls of yesterday were blank canvases intended to create space, the walls of 2014 will be adorned with an array of delightful motifs, including anything from classical painting to this year’s hottest fashion trend – photo realism. But don’t just stop there! Patterns, prints and paintings can be exhibited anywhere in your home, from the art on the walls to the cushions on your couch.

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