Why new tenants should do their Gas Safety homework

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safety gas 300x156 Why new tenants should do their Gas Safety homework

Many people, especially those who want to leave their parents homes after living there for many years find it exciting to move house. However, for other people, moving house is a consequence of the current recession with many of them moving to smaller houses after renting their own homes. Haste is the only common factor for both groups and this is the reason that makes them to rent houses from landlords who fail to comply with the current gas safety legislation in the UK. This is very common with “accidental landlords”, which is a small group of homeowners that is growing rapidly and moving to smaller houses until there is an improvement in the housing market after renting their houses.

According to the law, all rented homes must have a gas safety check each year and the landlord should ensure that it takes place. Landlords should then show their tenants that the check has taken place. According to Paul Johnston, who is the Managing Director of the Gas Safe Register, tenants must receive copies of the gas safety certificate from the landlords in order to prove that the check has taken place. You could be facing a great risk if you have not received the latest gas safety certificate. Yet with gas leaks, carbon monoxide poisoning, explosions and fires killing 18 people in the UK sometime last year and injuring over 310 people, this is a problem that is not being taken seriously by some. Hence, you should follow some simple gas safety steps when you are moving into a new house in order to avoid risking your health.

Steps that you need to follow when you are moving into a new house

Gas Certificate – First, you should ask your landlord to show you his/her gas safety certificate. If he/she cannot provide a copy of the gas safety certificate, you should not proceed any further until he/she is able to do so. When you look at the certificate, you should ensure that it is not more than 12 months old since their validity is only for one year.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm - A Gas Safety inspection that is done every year helps in minimizing the chances for your boiler to experience any problem. However, in order to ensure that you are completely safe, you should purchase a carbon monoxide alarm for alerting you about the high gas levels before it can cause any harm.

Gas Inspections – If an annual gas inspection coincides with your tenancy, you should give the engineers from the Gas Safety register access to the property only after asking to see their ID cards. This can intimidate them but they will be willing to show you their identity before they start working if they are genuine.

Turn off the gas – You must learn how to turn off the gas from your landlord in case it leaks. You should turn the gas off immediately if you can smell it and call the emergency gas service, which is available throughout.

Recommendations- You should ask your business colleagues, family, or friends if you do not know who you should hire to do your gas work.

Ask questions - You should ask for advice from Gas Safe Registered engineers if you do not understand anything.

It is understandable for you to overlook some things when you are moving house in a rush. You should however follow the aforementioned steps in order to ensure that safety is not included among them.

The importance of a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate Leeds are as follows. A gas safety inspection is a very important safety check by the landlord and it is among the safety checks that the law requires the landlord to carry out. Gas safety checks guarantee you of the safety of the property that you let and ensure that you do not put your tenants at risk.

Your responsibilities when you are a landlord when it comes to gas appliances and supply include:

- The repair and maintenance of any kind of gas pipework.

- The repair and maintenance of appliances and flues.

- Ensuring the carrying out of gas safety checks on all appliances and flues every year.

- The keeping of records of all gas safety checks that you do.

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