Why Is My Pool Pump Hose Clogged?

Pool Pump Hose

First the water in the pool looks a little cloudy. Then it doesn’t look like the pool is getting properly cleaned. After a check of the gauge on the pool pump, it is discovered that the pressure is a lot lower than usual. Investigation reveals that the pump hose is clogged. What is causing all of this?

Pool Pump Hose Why Is My Pool Pump Hose Clogged?According to Toolgirl.com, the problem may be that the pool pump itself is clogged and needs some cleaning. Since the pump hose relies on the pump to work properly, if the pump isn’t pulling correctly, the hose may get backed up. And if that’s the case, a backwash won’t clear the issue – the pump won’t produce enough pressure to force debris from the pump hose.

One suggested place to start is to clean out the impeller on the pump. Start by turning off the power – go to the breaker box and turn off the pump breaker. Then shut off the valve that runs into the pump – if you forget this step, there will be a lot of splashing and release of water when it is not needed, so make sure to do this first. There is a hose that runs between the big barrel shaped sand filter and the pump – turn it so it is perpendicular to the hose. That is the off position, and will save the pool owner from getting soaked.

Then take a wrench – closed end is preferable to a crescent wrench, because it fits more tightly, and undo the bolts that hold the plastic housing onto the impeller. Then the pump will come free from the plastic housing, and can be worked on. Look down into the throat of the impeller, and most likely, because of the symptoms you’ve been experiencing, you will see some debris tangled up and clogging the impeller. Clean that crud out thoroughly – that’s what was causing the pump to not work efficiently. It may take a few minutes to completely clean out the impeller, but it is the whole point of the process, so take plenty of time and get it right.

After cleaning, re-assemble the pump by putting the bolts back in – make sure to tighten the bolts sufficiently, or there will be leaks. Now it’s time to test the cleaning process. Turn the power back on at the breaker box, and turn the pump back on. If the problem was handled correctly, the pump pressure will return to normal levels, and any clog that had developed in the pool pump hose will quickly resolve itself. If using a Polaris hose, it should readily clean out, and begin to work normally again. Let the pump work normally for a few minutes, and even the sound may be different – the pump can now push water again, and won’t strain as much.

After a few days, check the pump pressure, to make sure it has remained at the proper level. Look at the water – has the cloudiness resolved itself? Does it look like water is circulating properly, and does the pool look clean? If all of that is happening, then relax, knowing that the maintenance job to clear the pump, which also cleared the pump hose, was a success.

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