Why Hire Catering Staff for Your Christmas Party at Home?

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Christmas is the time of year to be merry and maybe this year you decide it’s your turn to host a Christmas party.  However, from last-minute present shopping and writing greeting cards, to filling your home with baubles and tinsel, little time is left for organising a party.  Before you have a festive meltdown, realise you can turn to event catering services to come to the rescue. Like Santa’s little helpers they will give that extra hand and a touch of sparkle to your party. 

Event catering services bring innovation from the very start.  Presented with a brief, a representative will design the party based around your requirements, ideas and budget.  Whatever idea you may have (or not have) in mind then you can depend on them to create and bring your party to life.

Realise with a sigh of relief that catering services are well connected in the hospitality industry so services you may need for your party such as florists, marquee riggers, catering companies, venue suppliers will be at their fingertips; there won’t be any need to chase phone calls and payments.

As much as we all hope for plans to go smoothly, it can still change unexpectedly, but catering services are able to adapt under different circumstances.  Say if the flowers you wanted are unavailable then the team will have an alternative ready, no questions asked.  Or you may change your mind on what you had planned, it isn’t a problem as your catering team will have endless patience and be attentive to your requirementsA party can only be a success if the host is happy.

When it comes to the party itself you can expect some Christmas magic to work, your venue will be decorated and for a dinner party the cutlery will be laid out.  All you have to do is to sprinkle some Christmas glitter over yourself for the evening.

Catering services will provide fully trained catering staff who will work seamlessly throughout the evening.  The types of catering staff you can hire are chefs to create scrumptious food, host and hostesses to greet guests, cocktail staff, waiters and waitresses to keep the food and drinks flowing and everyone’s glasses topped up.  You can also expect the catering staff to have a friendly manner with smiles and be efficient at serving food and drinks to guests.

After a successful evening mingling and dining, cleaning won’t have to cross your mind as staff will clean up afterwards.  It’s a job well done.

For more information on hiring catering and event staff, please visit http://www.lolaevents.co.uk/

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