When The Home Needs Another Room: Three Solutions To Home Expansion


home When The Home Needs Another Room: Three Solutions To Home Expansion

As the family grows and lives changes, you will find that your home just is not big enough for what you need.  Children who were able to share a room when they were young are not as willing to do so when they become teenagers.  Or you might have bought the house with two children in mind, but a third one came and surprised you.  Or, something that is becoming more common, an elderly family member or an adult child needs a place to live and you are their only real option.  There are several ways to handle these issues, each with its own costs and benefits.

Rearrange The Home

The first and most affordable option is to rearrange the home.  The people who are forced to share a room to accommodate the new housemate may not be happy about the situation, but this solution has the benefit of not costing the family a lot of money to implement.  This is a good solution if the living situation will be changed for only a few weeks, but the longer people are forced to live in the rearranged house, the more problems will come up.  You will need to find a good long-term solution to the problem if you want to retain peace in the home, but that means that you will need to be prepared to spend money.

Remodel The Home

The thing that may come to mind first is to remodel the home to allow for an additional room, either by taking out walls inside the house and reducing the size of other rooms, or by adding an addition to the home.  The price tag for this level of remodel is staggering, often running well over $10,000, as you will have to pay for the destruction of the existing structures, the clean up of the demolition and the new construction.  You will see some benefits from this choice, as the new room can add significant value to the home if it is done well.  The home will also be connected to the room, and it can be made to look like the additional room was always meant as part of the home’s original construction.  Though this choice does solve some of the problems, there are still issues, especially if the new room is for an adult to live in.  The room is still a part of the house, so there are privacy issues for the person living in it, and it is not the best home expansion solution.

Add A Shed

Over the last several years sheds have changed in the way that they are constructed and designed, to the point that most sheds can be converted into suitable living spaces for people.  Sheds are thousands of dollars cheaper than having a new room constructed, and they have the added benefit of giving the person living in the building additional privacy.  You will find that through customization you will be able to get a shed that is livable and looks good with the rest of the home, so you do not have to worry about putting a large eyesore in your back yard.  The shed can also add value to your home, but it can also be moved with you if you ever decide to buy a new home.  There are not very many problems with using a shed in this way, unless your home has a very strange design or color scheme, in which it would be hard to find a shed that matches.  It is also difficult to run plumbing to a shed, so the person living inside will still need to use the bathroom in the main home.  In almost every case, a shed is the most affordable, fastest and solution that gives the most privacy available.

Sometimes you need to add a room to the home, but there are so many costs associated with new construction that you need to find a different solution.  By using a shed to provide a new room, you will save money and help to keep the peace with the members of your family.

I am Bethany Waters, and last year my elderly father came to live with us.  He still gets around pretty well, but he could not climb the stairs to his apartment anymore and had to move.  At first we rearranged the home and gave him one of the kid’s rooms, but that only caused tension between the kids.  My husband and I were looking at taking out a large loan to add a room to the home when a friend told us to look into the custom sheds Lancaster PA homeowners use.  We went to www.glicksheds.com and found several designs that looked good and we were amazed at how easy it was to make the shed into a livable space.  Now everyone at our home is happy, and my dad has the privacy that he wants.  I recommend Glick Woodworks to anyone who needs to add a shed or a room to their home.

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