What Does Your Date Think of Your Décor?

date think of decore

We all know that feeling of going on a first date. The nervous excitement, perhaps checking your hair for the umpteenth time before stepping out the door. With luck, this will be the beginning of many dates with your special person and as you get to know them better you will start to relax a little more. But many people find that old nervousness reappearing when it comes to inviting their date back home. The reason? They’re worried about what they’ll think of their decorating – or lack thereof!

Eyeing Up Your Home

Like it or not but we all judge other people by their homes. Unfortunately, this means your date will be no exception. So when preparing for your date to come over for the first time, you should always take into consideration that they may well be judging you on the merits of how you live! A good tip is to try and look at your home as though you were just seeing it for the first time.

Don’t Come on Too Strong

If there’s one way to put off any potential suitor it’s by trying too hard. And when it comes to their first date with your home, there’s a fine line between not making any effort and making far too much. If you’ve laid out the candelabra, you’ve probably overstepped the mark. The trick is to make a number of small gestures which let them know you’ve made an effort, but which don’t scream of desperation. Make sure your home smells nice and is neat and tidy. Invest in some nice dinnerware and glasses, if you don’t have them already. Even purchasing new sheets from https://www.linencupboard.co.uk/ can be a great way of making your home look inviting and comfortable, without the need for going overboard.

Setting the Stage for Love

The ambience of any good date is always determined, in the first instance, by its setting. So if you want your home date to go well, make sure that you’ve created just the right mood for both of you to enjoy yourselves. Lighting, fragrance and cleanliness all play a part in this. Give your house a good clean, dim those bulbs and put out some fresh flowers. Your house will look great, and you can relax knowing that your date will enjoy themselves in your beautiful surroundings.

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