Using Pinterest for a DIY Home Upgrade


Pinterest isn’t just for stay at home moms and brides-to-be. It can be used by everyone, from woodworking enthusiasts planning projects to new homeowners trying to figure out how to replace that god awful 70s wood paneling from the kitchen. With that in mind – using Pinterest is a great way to get started upgrading your home, for cheap, by yourself! From DIY tutorials like kitschy mounted deer heads to unique bathroom mirrors, Pinterest is full of tutorials and tips for tweaking your home. Here’s a few Pinterest-curated ideas:

1) For the bathroom. If you are just getting started with a bathroom upgrade start with the basics. Addressing issues like a moldy shower curtain, or getting around to learning how to fix a clogged drain. By taking care of these less appealing chores, you will be ready to start with the fun stuff! Next, choose a color that you feel will enliven your bathroom – a bright color like turquoise, sunflower yellow, or coral will make the room feel larger and brighter. This is enhanced with large windows, so if you’re blessed with these, take advantage of them! Speaking of windows, DIY curtains are all over Pinterest. These are cheap and simple to make, even if you don’t know how to sew. Here’s an entire selection of curtains, ranging from pretty lace to bold stripes. Also in the bathroom, think about having candles or pretty soaps. You can find petal shaped soaps at places like World Market and even the Dollar Store that will bring your bathroom to life. You could even bring some rustic charm into your bathroom by placing some twigs or pinecones in a bowl on the counter.

2) In the bedroom. Like with the bathroom, pick a color scheme and stick with it. But with your bedroom, you can explore more shades, accent colors, and patterns. I love the way this springy bedroom looks with the contrasting colors blue, yellow, and orange. You could even pick a theme for your bedroom. There are tons of Pinterest boards with vintage, art deco, and rustic themes and inspiration. A quick Google search will bring up DIY throw pillows, shelves, and ways to paint furniture to fit your room’s design.

3) The living room. This is the social room, so consider what events you’ll have in here. Make it cozy and charming if you love small get-togethers and girls’ nights, or think about making it open and spacey if you throw parties a lot. Darker paint colors are good for the latter, and party rooms should be brighter as they make the room look bigger. Floor-to-ceiling mirrors also will enlarge a room.

These are just a couple of ideas – what ways do you use Pinterest to give your home life and personality?

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