Understand How To Decorate Your Windows: Three Types Of Window Treatments For Your Home

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windows treatment Understand How To Decorate Your Windows: Three Types Of Window Treatments For Your HomeWhen you begin a home decorating project you have a lot of decisions that need to be made.  Are you going to tile the floor or have new hardwood floors installed?  What are you going to do about the colors on the wall?  How do you plan on handling the lighting?  All of these are important questions, but a question that has more choices than most of the others is: How are you going to decorate the windows?  There are so many ways to handle the windows that the process can seem overwhelming, but really what window treatments boil down to are three categories.


Over the last few decades, blinds have become more and more popular as a window treatment because of their sleek design.  Blinds look modern, and usually have a more contemporary feel than fabric based window treatments.  With a blind it is easy to set the level of light that you want to come into the room, because all you have to do to change it is adjust the tilt of the slats in the blind.  Blinds give the entire room light, and you do not have to worry about finding places where light is coming in more brightly than others, like you do when you have curtains or drapes.  There are two problems with blinds.  First, they can cost a lot more than drapes or curtains to install.  If you can do the work yourself, the cost is comparable to having good drapes installed, but if you have to pay a professional, the cost will be much higher.  Second, if one part of the blind gets damaged, the entire thing looks bad.  A bent blind makes a room feel trashy and you will have to replace the entire blind to make everything look the way it should.


One of the oldest solutions to window treatments are drapes.  These are heavy lengths of fabric that are hung on a rod and pulled back and forth in front of the window to control the amount of light that enters the room.  Most high quality drapes are heavy enough that you will need to use a cord of some kind to move the drapes along the rod, but the heavy nature of the drapes helps to regulate temperatures and make a room very dark.  Drapes are usually cheaper to install than blinds, and they can be changed easily to match changes in the color template for the room.  The problems with drapes are twofold.  They have to be cleaned on a regular basis because they are a magnet for all of the smoke and odors that you home might have.  Drapes are also not a good choice if you want a room to seem casual.  Drapes are best used in formal dining rooms of living rooms, and do not make a good choice for every room of the home.


Where drapes are the formal window treatment, the less formal and more fun treatment is curtains.  Just about any kind of lightweight fabric can be use to make curtains, which means that if you find a fabric that you really love, you can transform it into a good looking curtain.  Because you can make the curtains on your own, the cost of the curtains is very low and you can design the room any way that you want to.  Curtains are also light enough that you can move them by hand, making them very easy to close.  The drawback to curtains is that they are not very formal in their appearance.  They are great if the home is designed around a casual interior and a casual feel.

When you are decorating your home, pay special attention to the window treatments, because they will be able to pull all of the elements of the room together and make the room look like a complete package.  By understanding what kind of feel that you want the room to have and the types of window treatments available, you will have a window treatment that is perfect for your home.

I am Brandy Moore and I am an interior designer.  I wrote this article because so many of my clients do not understand all of their window treatment options, and I spend a lot of time trying to explain the differences between each design.  I have always been impressed with the designs at www.heritagedesigninteriors.com and I recommend their services for the window treatments Lancaster PA homeowners are looking for.

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