Transform your living room into the perfect party zone

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room for party 300x207 Transform your living room into the perfect party zone

With the holidays just around the corner, you can almost taste the flavour of the season on your lips. Of course the flavour of the season is to party till you drop. Sure enough you will be invited to several parties and will in turn invite friends and family over for a little soiree at your home too. There are a few thing to keep in mind when transforming your living room into a party zone, THE party zone this holiday season. To know more, simply read on…

Step 1: Ensure that there’s plenty of room

It doesn’t matter whether you live in a suburban mansion or an apartment complex. Rule number one when planning a party is simply ensuring that your guests have plenty of room. Seems like the common sense thing to do, doesn’t it? Well people are normally so swept up in the activity that goes on in planning a successful party, like the menu, the drinks, and the decor, that they ignore this fundamental tenet. Don’t do that, else you will end up with a party full of people with barely enough place to maneuver themselves. On the day of the party rearrange the furniture and ensure that passageways are unblocked. Remember for a party to be memorable, people need to feel that they have space to do stuff and have fun!

Step 2: Tidy up

Remember a clean house is a party friendly house. A party isn’t just a social gathering; it is a chance for your home/living room to make a serious impression on your guests. Make sure that your home is clutter free and that the living room especially sparkles. Tidying up isn’t just about cleaning your surroundings, it is also about touching up your silverware (for a dinner party), changing the drapes (break out the fancy ones), polishing the furniture and all around making sure that your living room really pops!

Step 3: Themes

If you’re throwing a bash, you may as well go all out. Plan a theme party, in accordance with the season and have a blast picking up decor items that will really lend to the ambience of the place. For example if you plan a Santa’s North Pole theme party make sure that you have all the little knick knacks that will really bring out the theme of the party and add to the joy of the season!

Step 4: Make sure that your living room isn’t impersonal

If you have an especially large space, like a large living room, simply filling it with your friends isn’t going to make it feel intimate. Remember to pick and choose colors for the party that are not loud or distracting but are welcoming and earthy. Arrange furniture in such a way that people can indulge in conversations easily. Friendly touches like cup holders and customized coasters and napkin dispensers are always going to be appreciated. Remember that music at the party is supposed to accentuate the ambience and not dominate it. Keep your stereo system at a comfortable level such that people can concentrate on their conversations and not be distracted or feel irritated!

Step 5: A candy buffet

A candy buffet is a particularly off-beat idea simply because not too many people could pull it off. It fits in perfectly with the theme of the season and we guarantee it will be a hit at your party. Here’s how you create your own candy buffet. Pick out at least 10 types of candy that you think your guests would enjoy. Fill these candies in attractively shaped jars and arrange these jars in a circle on a coffee table. At the centre of this circle, leave a bowl of candy canes, a seasonal treat that will go down well with both young and old!

About the author:

Melroy Pinto, makes a living consulting as a freelance interior decorator. He loves interacting with clients and has been designing quirky spaces for a good 15 years.

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