Top tips to keep your home free from unwanted dust

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clean home Top tips to keep your home free from unwanted dustYou may believe that transforming your lifestyle and the environment around you to make it seem fitter and healthier may seem like something that may be a difficult feat to achieve. However, you need to realize that living a healthy lifestyle and adopting it for a healthy home is far easier than you might think. One of the major components that prevails in the environment and is very difficult indeed to get rid of is the chemicals that float through the air. These chemical and toxic substances are not visible to the naked eye but with every breath that you take, you inhale a humongous amount of these and this can cause a number of various diseases and illnesses ranging from asthma to cancer. Kamal Khetan is known for creating residential and commercial properties in a way that not only keep up with modern trends and latest technological advancements but also ensure that their efforts do not harm the environment in any way. Tweaking certain aspects of your daily activities can help bring about massive positive results. Given below are some excellent guidelines to swear by for a healthy, dust-free environment.

1.)   Steer clear of dust at homes:

The dust particles that you see lining your cabinets or your laptop not only take away the beauty of that particular product, breathing this air can lead to dust allergies. This dust carries with it a number of undesirable particles of lead, pesticides and several other chemicals that you may be unaware of. Therefore, it is very important to keep this dust at bay as it can do a little of harm.

If you can afford spending a sizeable chunk of your savings, you must consider using wooden floors, tiled walls or vinyl for your home instead of carpets, which are naturally known to attract dust particles.

If financing this project may not seem like a very practical task, you should consider using vacuum cleaners at least 2-3 times each week and reach out to every nook and cranny to ensure that the dirt and dust including the dust bunnies are taken out.

2.)   Never use pesticides:

The idea of a cockroach feeding on your leftovers may seem like a revolting idea. Therefore, the first step that you may consider taking is spray a generous amount of pesticide to kill it. While you may revel in the roach’s death, you must realize that regular use of these chemicals will have the same impact on you as well. These are packed with chemicals that a layman is unaware of and can cause severe lung diseases. If you are cautious enough, you can shun the use of pesticides altogether by being more careful when practising kitchen hygiene and avoiding leftover food from remaining unattended.

Planting trees and plants which produce fresh fruits, herbs and vegetables is an excellent option. The abundance of trees not only provides you with fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs but also helps in purifying the environment and supplying fresh bouts of oxygen into the atmosphere. Kamal Khetan encourages residents to do so by incorporating attractive looking landscaped gardens that add freshness and greenery to the entire locale.

3.)   Take slow steps towards a healthy lifestyle by avoiding smoking:

You may not realize it but smoking not only poses as a health hazard for you, it can be dangerous to your loved ones who inhale the smoke as well. Passive smokers tend to be at a higher risk of suffering from lung diseases and therefore, it is important that you look after the health of your home by being more considerate towards the other family members.

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