Top tips to help you decorate a grade-schooler’s room effectively

grade-scholar room

grade scholar room Top tips to help you decorate a grade schooler’s room effectivelyWhen it comes to decorating a grade-schooler’s room, it can be a slightly daunting task as it is during this time that children begin to form opinions of their own and they may have certain ideas about how their room should look like. However, they may not always be correct about their judgement as they are still trying hard to have a firm grip over reality but find it difficult to let go of fantasy as well. Therefore, as parents, you may have to be creative enough to provide your children the best of both worlds. Given below are some effective tips that will help you take the right decisions and encourage you to decorate your grade-schooler’s room appropriately, keeping their ideas in mind while still lending a polished touch to the entire room.

1.)   Easy to remove wallpapers:

It is during this age of around 6 to 8 years that children start worshipping cartoons and movie stars as their ideals. However, they may not necessarily stick to just one ideal for the rest of their grade school term. As they transition into pre teens, their choices change drastically and therefore, while your children may want a room full of their favourite cartoons or superheroes, you must consider using wallpaper that can be easily disposed off as their needs change.

2.)   Selecting the right bed:

Although bunk beds are an excellent option for your children, you could also consider having children’s cabin beds for your child’s room. It is extremely comfortable and has provisions for not just comfortable sleeping but can effectively take care of several other activities with its availability of drawers, shelves and a study table. Besides, they are also available in a variety of colours and designs to suit the needs of the children belonging to that age group. This is not just aesthetically appealing and kid friendly, it helps to save an immense amount of space that can be used for several other purposes.

During this age, children, especially the girls tend to have sleepovers at each other’s homes and therefore, this type of a bed can help give enough room for your child’s friends to sleep in one room without any hassles. An area rug works wonders in such situations and is ideal for sleepovers.

3.)   Comfortable chairs, lighting and studying equipment:

While the facility of the desk is already provided by the children’s cabin beds, you need to make sure that you invest in plush and comfortable chairs for your children to aid them in their studies and completion of homework without causing stress on their neck and back. Besides, the lighting also needs to be bright and sufficient so as to not put any kind of strain on the eyes. With the recent advent in technology, computers play a massive role in school education today and therefore, you must invest in a desktop computer for your child as opposed to a laptop. This helps maintain a good posture and encourages children to study only at their study table instead of sitting on the kitchen counter or on a bed or couch.

4.)   A neat storage facility for toys:

During this age, children are overly obsessed with toys. While the boys prefer collecting miniature race cars, superheroes and comic books, girls swear by their love for the various types of Barbie dolls, kitchen sets and other such toys. Therefore, it is important to provide facilities wherein they can keep these toys safely instead of leaving them strewn all across the room. Drawers and cabinets are an excellent solution for this.

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Julie Marin is a stay-at-home mom and a blogger. She has 4 kids, of 2 are grade-schoolers and one is studying at college. She swears by childrens cabin beds and recommends it for all moms. Besides, she loves to bake for her family and host elaborate dinners.

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