Top Decorating Tips For Small Living Rooms

Many of today’s modern homes are smaller than they used to be, which means using clever decorating tricks to make rooms look bigger than they actually are.There are lots of simple and effective measures you can take if you want to create a sense of space in a small room, so here is some top decorating tips for small living rooms.

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Be colour wise

One of the most important considerations for a small living room is how you use colour in it. Colour can have a massive impact on sense of space, with darker tones on walls making a room feel smaller, and lighter tones making it feel lighter, brighter and more spacious. Therefore, it makes sense to choose light and neutral shades when decorating in a small living room.

As well as colour planning for walls, think about the colours you choose for curtains, blinds, carpets, flooring and furniture, as well. These can all impact on sense of space, so stick to light shades, if possible.

Avoid using a competing palette of various colours in a small living room, as it will only make it feel cramped and overbearing. It’s fine to use more than one colour scheme, but stick to two, or three at the most, and make sure that they work in harmony together.

Pictures and mirrors

Decorating in a small living room should focus on minimalism and one or two features, rather than trying to pack all your treasures into one space. Too many ornaments, photos and knick-knacks will swallow up the sense of space that the room has, so limit what you can.  Instead of filling walls with endless pictures or photo frames, opt for a large mirror. The reflection in the mirror can make the room feel larger, so it’s a welcome addition to any small living room.


In line with keeping things to a minimum, it’s also important to take stock of the amount of furniture you have in your living room. Oversized sofas and wide tables will swamp the room, so ask yourself if you really need all of them. Opt for a slim line sofa with less bulkiness or an armless chair, and buy furniture in similar sizes so it looks in proportion. If you have a dining table in your living room, then consider buying one which folds down, creating extra space for when you don’t need it.

If you’re thinking of getting a coffee table then plump for one made of glass rather than wood, especially dark coloured wood, which can create a heavy effect. Glass is lighter and reflective, which can increase the sense of space in your room.

It’s also worth considering choosing furniture that has a dual-function for a small living room, such as an Ottoman which is not only storage space, but can be used as a seat.

Make use of vertical space

You can make the most of a small living room by drawing attention to it vertically, which can make it seem bigger than it actually is.  Making the most of vertical space is also great for storage, which is often an issue in smaller rooms. Top tips include choosing a long floor lamp, tall vases or bookshelves, vertical mirrors or wall pictures and full-length curtains.

This post was written by Gozde Kar on behalf of The Suite Company

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