Three Things To Do In Advance Before Building A Shed Make Your Shed Delivery Run Smoothly


shed 300x225 Three Things To Do In Advance Before Building A Shed Make Your Shed Delivery Run SmoothlyWhen you buy a shed you want to be able to use it as soon as it arrives, but if you do not plan ahead the shed delivery will not go smoothly.  You need to prepare the yard for the shed delivery so that it can be installed as quickly as possible and you can start moving things into your new building.  The failure to do the prep work will lead to all kinds of problems that can be easily avoided.


The first thing that you need to do is check with the city and your homeowners’ association to make sure that the new shed is up to code and zoned for the area.  Some places are very strict about what you can put in your yard, and if you fail to contact them before you have the shed delivered you will face serious problems.  The fines can be almost as much as the cost of the shed, and some cities may require the demolition of a non-approved building.  This is something that you need to check on before you even begin shopping for the shed, so that you know what kinds of limits are in place before you become attached to a building that may or may not be allowed in your yard.


On the day of the delivery you need to make sure that the yard is completely free of any kind of debris, including toys and branches.  You should also make sure that there is a clear path from the street or alley into the yard for the delivery vehicle, and also check with the city if you are going to need to block off part of the street or the alley for any length of time.  Most of the time sheds are brought to the home on a truck, but the shed is then offloaded and taken into the yard with another vehicle, like a Mule so that the delivery vehicles do not do any damage to the yard during the delivery and installation of your new shed.  If there is not a clear path for the delivery vehicle, there is no way to get the shed into the yard and the delivery process will take a long time to complete.


Finally, you will need a place to put the shed.  You do not want the shed to just sit on the ground because there can be damage from ground moisture that will shorten the lifespan of the shed.  A wooden foundation made of several pieces of lumber is okay for a small shed and one that will not hold objects that are very heavy, but larger sheds will need a more substantial foundation.  Your shed company might provide foundation services for their sheds, and you should strongly consider paying for this service.  A solid rock bed is the best solution for most sheds, and the proper installation of this kind of foundation requires some specialized knowledge.  The best thing for you to do is communicate with the shed company and find out what kind of foundation they recommend for the shed that you have purchased.

Your new shed should be something that you look forward to having installed, and the best way to make the process go smoothly is to make sure that the yard is prepared for delivery.  Taking the time to do the little things in preparation will give you the best shed delivery experience.

I am Sally Cooper, and I wrote this article because of the problems that my family had with our first shed delivery.  My husband and I did not check with the city before we had the shed installed and we were stuck with a $2500 fine for the building.  We also did not have a foundation in place and no plans for a foundation installation, so the process took hours longer than it needed to.  When it comes to storage sheds Lancaster PA homeowners need to communicate with the city and the shed company to make the process easy for everyone involved.  The next time we bought a shed at and their staff helped us with the foundation and reminded us to get a permit ahead of the delivery.  Because of their service and prices, I recommend Glick Woodworks to anyone who wants to buy a shed in Lancaster.

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