Sofa Bed: A Versatile Piece of Furniture

sofa beds


Sofa beds are a very popular furniture item in many homes today. A sofa bed offers versatility and has many space saving advantages. But choosing the right kind of fold out bed for your home is not always as easy as it looks and before you compromise comfort for looks, or price, here are a few ideas to guide you in selecting the best fold up bed for your home.

sofa beds Sofa Bed: A Versatile Piece of Furniture

Beds for Bedrooms


Sofa beds are truly versatile bedroom furniture, as this will help maximize the space available, most especially if the room doubles up as an office and you don’t use it as one of your primary bedrooms. Comfort will be the key factor here and you really need to put into consideration how comfortable it will be to sleep on.


Decide where it is going to go


If your sofa bed is going to be in your bedroom, you will need to pick one that has good functionality and style. It is important to consider the rest of your bedroom décor and think how it is going to fit in with everything else. Style is an important consideration.


How often are you going to use it?


This is an important consideration as if you are planning on using it frequently; you may want to consider buying a whole bed, instead of a clever fold up bed. If you are just buying on for the occasional times that you have guests staying over and you have the space to accommodate another couch in the living room, then this is the perfect way to hit two birds with one stone as it were.


Is it easy to set up?


This is another important consideration – the setup of the bed. Not all of them are just a straight forward open up, fold out and sleep immediately kind of bed. Some of them are tricky with metal brackets that have to be put in place. If you are offering it to a guest after a boozy dinner, it will be very difficult to negotiate after a few bottles of wine. Putting it back in the same way you found it is another tricky bit. Make sure you have folded it out and folded it back in the store, as a test before you buy it and take it home.

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