Signs You Have a Good Drafting Table Top


During the early days of your art career, you may have leaned over your parents’ kitchen table carefully sketching out characters or a natural landscape using a sharpened pencil. Back then, you may not have minded erasing and re-sketching uneven lines, uneven lines made because there were bumps in your parents’ kitchen table. To advance your art career, you’ve probably realized that not only do you have to use more refined drawing and painting tools, you also have to create on an even, more reliable surface.


Get a split top drafting table top and you can work on a flat surface. You’ll also have the option of creating your artwork on a tilted surface. Some artists and art equipment and supply vendors refer to this type of drafting table top as a three-in-one surface. This is because the tables convert from flat to angled to computerized surfaces.


Ergonomic features like arm, hand and foot rests are built into the tables. Other types of drafting table top equipment are smaller studio designs that work well with stools. It’s this table top that offers flexibility. Should you be an artist who’s working with a minimal amount of space, this studio design table can give you the room you need to complete simple and complex art projects.


However, even established artists who have lots of open space at their homes work on a studio design drafting table top. One such artist, Gil Zamora, created a stir when portraits he sketched of women based on their descriptions of themselves made their way onto the Internet. The New York Times reports that, “Seated at a drafting table with his back to his subject, the artist, Gil Zamora, asks the women a series of questions about their features. “Tell me about your chin,” he says in the soft voice reminiscent of a therapist’s. Crow’s feet, big jaws, protruding chins and dark circles are just some of the many physical features that women criticized about themselves.”


Next, the artist sits at his drafting table and draws another picture of the same woman. This time he takes his cues from someone else, another person giving him descriptions of the same woman. “The sketches are then hung side by side and the women are asked to compare them. In every instance, the second sketch is more flattering than the first.”


It’s this type of work that makes art profound, unforgettable, life altering. A good drafting table is a key element in achieving this type of artistic success.


If you do more sketching, the kind that architects are known for, you might want to invest in a double sided drafting table top. Instead of being thicker than traditional table tops, a double sided table is built with two drawing boards, one to your right and the other to your left.


Other features of a drafting board are a parallel straightedge board, a tilt angle board such as previously noted and a board that’s built with a gray/white cover. Costs of the boards range from a little more than $30 to $110 and up.



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