Quick Tips To Update an Interior Door

If the doors inside your home are looking a little tired and worn around the edges, then you might think your only option is to replace them.  But think again.  There are lots of ways you can spruce up interior doors to make them look new again.  Here are some handy tips worth considering.

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Clean it up

One of the first measures you might want to consider trying to freshen an internal door up is to give it a good clean.  Over time, a door can get repeatedly scuffed and marked with its constant use, and areas around the handle are breeding grounds for mucky patches and sticky marks.  Cleaning your door with a cloth, especially around dirt prone areas could be all that your doors need to make them sparkle again.

Paint it

If cleaning your door doesn’t resolve the problem completely, then your next best option is to give it a lick of paint.  A new coat of paint can make a door look brand new, but it’s worth following a few simple rules to make sure you create a flawless finish.  Take the door off its hinges and paint it lying flat, that way, you are less likely to encourage unsavoury drip marks.  Choose a colour that compliments the rest of the room.  There are lots of options for you to consider, but neutral colours often work best.  Consider whether you want to use a high-gloss or a low-gloss paint.  They both create different effects, with high gloss resulting in a shinier finish but also showing up any imperfections.  Low gloss is less shiny and is ideal if your door has little marks on it, as it’s less likely to show through.  But, you may find that it doesn’t last well if you need to keep cleaning the door.

As well as choosing to paint the door, another option would be to consider going for varnish or wood stain, which can change the look of a door’s wooden finish, giving it an instant facelift.  You’ll need to carefully sand the door down first, so there is a bit of preparation involved, but it’s well worth it for the natural look it achieves.

Fix and repair

If your inside doors are letting you down because they are littered with holes or cracks, then get to work with fixing any minor repairs that need doing.  Use a filler to fix any unsightly blemishes before you paint over it.  Consider if hinges or handles need fixing as well.  If they are beyond repair, then a cost-effective way to give your doors a new lease of life is to replace handles or hinges with new ones.

Add a trim

A smart way to brighten up an inside door is to add a trim to it.  Adding trims to a door can give it depth and create a feature out of it, whilst creating a contemporary twist.  It’s a relatively simple procedure, but you might want to get a professional in if it’s not something you feel confident about tackling.

Get a new door

If your inside doors are really beyond salvage, then your final option is to get them replaced.  Getting a new door fitted doesn’t have to be a really costly business these days, with a wide range of styles to choose from, you should be able to find something to suit your taste and budget.

Written by the decoration team at Vibrant Doors, interior door experts.

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