Prepping The Yard For Your Garden: What You Need To Get Started


gardening Prepping The Yard For Your Garden: What You Need To Get StartedGardening is one of the most relaxing and fulfilling hobbies that a homeowner can have.  When you plant a garden you enhance the appearance of the home and you are able to watch your work grow and bloom.  Novice gardeners are often overwhelmed with what they need to get started on their own home gardens, and they wind up failing before they begin.  There are several things that you should do as an interested gardener that will help you get started down the path to fulfillment in gardening.


The first thing that you need to do is find the right space in your yard.  Sometimes that space is easy to find, either because someone else has already planted a garden there before you, or because the yard is so small that you do not have many options.  Other times it will be more difficult to find a good place to plant.  Remember that you will need to construct a flower bed to protect your plants, so you are going to be limited by the size of your potential flower bed.  Once you have a good spot in mind, rough it out with some posts and string to get an idea about what the flower bed will look like, and if you are happy, then it is time to construct the bed and move to the next step.


When you garden, you will need a lot of tools to help you take care of your plants and to make your life a lot easier.  There are some tools that are a part of every gardener’s arsenal that you will want to get right away.  The first of these is s a long handled hoe.  This will allow you to stand while you till and get the bed ready for planting.  Another tool you will need is a hand spade.  You want one that is comfortable in your hand because this is the tool that you will be using more than any other.  The spade is how you dig the holes where your plants will grow and how you care for them once they are in the soil.  You should also invest in a wheelbarrow to move tools and plants form one place to another, and a good set of gloves to keep your hands protected while you work.


Once you have a season of gardening under your belt, you might be tempted to expand your garden and take on larger and larger projects.  That is a good idea, but to do so you will need a place to put all of your tools and the things that you will need for your projects.  A shed is your best answer, as a shed will keep the garage from getting cluttered and it will give you a place where all of the things that you need for gardening are in the same spot.  Make sure that you consult with the shed company that you are purchasing from and let them know that you are getting the shed for gardening, as there are several customizations that a gardening shed can have that will make it more useful for you.

A good garden is a blessing and makes you feel much better about yourself and the home that you live in.  If you are serious about becoming a gardener, then you will need to take some baby steps your first season and spend time gathering all of the tools that you need.  After that, if you want to continue gardening, then investing in a gardening shed is a good idea.

I am Molly Berman, and I have been a gardener for almost forty years.  I wrote this article to share my knowledge about how to get started in gardening so that others might be inspired and start a garden of their own.  For garden sheds Maryland homeowners should use a company like because of their variety of customizations and the quality of the products and services.


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