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Purchasing the right amount of paint depends on a lot of factors. Without careful calculation, you are likely to purchase more than necessary and waste money. In this article, we will walk you through all the steps necessary to getting the right amount of paint for your house painting needs.

Right Amount of Paint 215x300 Painting   Getting the Right Amount of Paint

Materials Needed

  • Calculator
  • Measuring Tape

Steps to Follow

1.     Calculate the size of Room

You need to calculate the size of each room, minus the size of doors and windows if they won’t be painted with the same color. Remember that a can of paint can cover 300-400 square feet area. Calculating the total size of the rooms and dividing it by the square feet area the paint can cover will give you the exact number of cans needed.

To calculate, follow this process.

  • Note down the length of wall-to-wall reading.
  • Note down the height of the wall completely, from the floor to ceiling.
  • Multiply the two sizes and you get the square foot of one wall. Do this for every wall in the house.
  • Add up all the square foot area coverage together and you have the total area space needed to paint.
  • Divide this number with the area the paint of can covers and you have the right amount of paint required for one coating.

Once all the dimensions are noted and you don’t want to do the calculation manually, visit this page. It is a paint calculator. Insert appropriate figures in fields given and know the right amount of paint needed.

This is the basic step to follow but there are few more things you should remember. Hence, note the following points.

2.     Surface of Walls

If the surface of walls is rough, you will need more paint. If the surface is smooth, the above calculate will work fine. For rough surface walls, keep an additional gallon of paint handy.

3.     Add Primers

Walls primed before painting need less amount of paint in total. Some people think that using primers are unnecessary but believe us, you do need them. If the house is getting painted for the first time, adding primer is essential.

Moreover, the cost of paint is higher than primer so you get to save some money by using them. Lastly, if the house is getting repainted, remember to buy white primer if the color is being changed from dark to a lighter shade. Alternatively, tint the primer gray if the color is being changed from a lighter shade to a darker one.

4.     Quality of Paint

Knowing the number of paint cans needed doesn’t mean you’re going to go out there and get the cheapest ones possible. This action will save you money for a short while only. Cheaper paints are of poor quality and they don’t cover the walls well. You have to buy more later on, so what do you save ultimately? Nothing! Therefore, get high quality solid paint always.

Follow this quick guide and calculate the right amount of paint required easily.


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