Never Paint Again: The Process and Benefits


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paint Never Paint Again: The Process and BenefitsSmart color technology is the best way for homeowners to protect the color and look of their homes. In cities that experience a variety of different weather conditions, the homes may be severely damaged as a result. The paint as well as the structure of the home could be compromised if the homeowner does not act quickly. The effects of discoloration and cracked vinyl siding can be severe and all drive down the value of your home. For homeowners that are considering selling their home in the future, the exterior of the home should be well maintained. Smart color technology can help save your home from these problems and add years of life to your home. Imagine what it would be like to never have to paint your home ever again!

The cost of paint and service to your home can get pricey. Many painting companies will cost an arm and a leg just to retouch your home’s paint job. This is not cost effective as the home may need to be repainted within a few years. Some homeowners may considered doing the project themselves, but this can be extremely dangerous. Climbing high ladders trying to paint your home can spell serious disaster if you are not careful. Repainting a home also takes a lot of time! For one person to repaint their entire home may take a few days or possibly a week to complete. This can interfere with your daily schedule and stop you from enjoying your home the way you should. With the Smart color technology you can avoid all of these problems and save thousands of dollars on repainting your home.

The process of adding smart color to your home will add a protective layer to your home’s paint and vinyl siding. This means that homes that are located in cities that have adverse weather conditions will have the protection that they need. Imagine being able to maintain the look of their home without having to do any work to them. You can apply this Smart color treatment to your home one time and enjoy a lifetime of protection. The process begins with a power washing of your home which frees your home from debris and dirt. This will also allow the adhesive color to stick the home. Afterwards the crew will begin to scrap off the leftover dirt and debris as well as check for any dry rot around the home. Finally the caulking will seal any potential cracks within the home allowing the Smart color to lie evenly on the home. You will then walk around your home to verify the work was done. The second part of this process involves adding the primer as well as the Smart color to your home and finalizing it.

The Benefits of this process will allow you to save thousands of dollars in repainting your home as well as a lifetime warranty. This process is cost effective as you will never have to spend another dime on painting your home. The Smart color technology also is environmentally friendly allowing you to protect your pockets as well as the environment. Before beginning this process you are advised to get a free estimate of the job. This will allow you to better understand the cost of the entire project before you commit to it. Lifetyme Exteriors has been providing great services homeowners for the past 15 years. You can trust their experience and knowledge when it comes to home exterior protection.

My name is Mark Walton and I have recently had this treatment added to my home. My paint was chipping very bad and paying painters to repaint my home was getting very costly. With the help of Lifetyme I was able to get my entire home repainted and protected. This process was done five years ago and I still enjoy a great looking home today. I wrote this article because I believe that people deserve to know about this great process for their home. With this treatment added to my home I will never paint again!


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