Moving Home? The Essentials You Must Sort Before Christmas


Christmas is an incredibly stressful time of year and, if you’re moving home before the big day then this year is set to be even more stressful than ever. If you’re spending Christmas in your new home then it is essential that you get all the basics sorted as soon as you move in. Little bumps and niggles may appear in the road along the way when you’re settling into your new home but, as long as you’ve got these essentials sorted, you’ll still be able to enjoy the big day in the comfort of your own home:

Do the Big Jobs First

This may sound basic but you simply have to do the big jobs straight away. When you move at this time of year, it is tempting to leave all of the big jobs until after the festive season. However, by doing this, what most people forget is that it means living in an incomplete house for a number of weeks if not months. For that reason, get the big jobs organised now before the move and, if necessary, make a moving in calendar so that you can organise your diary.

Make the Bedroom the Focus

If you only have time to fully decorate one room then make sure that it is the master bedroom. The bedroom is usually the hub of the home and if your bedroom is well furnished and decorated to a high standard, you’re guaranteed a good sleep.

If you don’t have time to dwell on decorating your bedroom but want it done to a professional standard, simply buy a furniture set from David Phillips as you could have it delivered the very next day. This should save days of hassle and squabbling over the right furniture to choose.

Ensure You Have the Kitchen Essentials

Finally, make sure that you have everything you need in the kitchen. At Christmas time, your kitchen becomes incredibly important and, it simply isn’t Christmas without a good roast dinner. Remember, shops get incredibly busy in the run up to the big day, so never leave buying your appliances until the last minute as there’s a chance they could be out of stock. Once you have your appliances (and knowledge of how they work) you’ll be fully prepared for the big day.

So there we have it, three essentials you simply have to prioritise so that you can enjoy Christmas in your new home. Get the big jobs done first and the rest should simply fall into place.


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