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Shabby chic has been one of the most popular interior design trends of the 21st century. Along with the modern fondness for vintage and recycling, the shabby chic movement seeks to capture the quaint charm of antique, vintage and country-esque style, whilst also paying homage to rural French aesthetics. Done properly, this is a design which can really make your home stand out. Done improperly, your home can end up looking like an ill-thought out mess. So how can you achieve shabby chic in your home?

Patterns and Prints

At the very heart of shabby chic is a fondness for chintzy patterns and warm prints. Florals are a popular motif and can be found on everything from walls to cushions to china. But overdoing patterns can destroy the air of quiet simplicity which shabby chic seeks to create. Your patterns don’t have to be the same throughout, but they do have to complement each other perfectly. If you’ve decided on a floral motif, stick with it. If you’ve chosen stripes, make sure they’re in keeping with your colour palette.

Colours are Key

Shabby chic colours can be either warm or cool, but the shabby chic palette should always exude a hint of the quaint and the charming. Whatever your colours, keep them light and fresh. Don’t choose anything sombre or heavy – shabby chic is all about making your home feel spacious and dreamy.

Choose Your Furniture with Care

Shabby chic furniture tends to be mismatched and can often look a little haphazard, but one thing it is not is modern! From your mirrors to your bed, choose key pieces which reflect a sense of serenity and warmth, and which exude character at every turn. After all, this trend is about expressing personality, so harsh lines and high gloss finishes are a big no-no.

Many shabby chic designers have made or distressed their own furniture when creating a design for their homes, but this doesn’t mean you have too as well. Shabby chic can be found in anywhere, which includes both high street and high end designers. The French Bedroom Company have a very good selection of furniture which would perfectly suit the shabby chic aesthetic ethos, and cut out the needs for you to get your hands dirty! Alternatively, if you do decide to make your own furniture, there are plenty of online tutorials which can help you get started.

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