Is your home fit for purpose?

home fit for purpose

If your home is easy to manage, doesn’t suffer from any major structural problems and is reasonably cheap and efficient to heat then it is fit for purpose. Unfortunately, not all homes can boost these credentials – so how can you tell if your home is up to standard?




There are certain key questions that should be asked when looking to rent or buy a house or flat. If you have a large family, one of the primary causes of stress can be a lack of suitable bathing options. The morning queue outside the household’s single combined bathroom and lavatory have frequently led to lively debates especially if the water is heated by an old fashioned boiler and the supply of hot water runs out.


For elderly individuals, finding bathing options which suit their needs is also important and you need to ask questions about mobility and access in the bathroom.




With soaring energy costs and the importance of reducing the global carbon footprint, it is a good idea to have a look at some of the new technology that is being incorporated into contemporary house design. Solar heating and effective home insulation are just a few of the techniques that can cut down fuel bills.


There is plenty of information on what we should expect from our homes and a recent report has revealed that space and light are amongst the highest priorities expected by the public. Obviously if you are renting your accommodation it is a little harder to demand your landlord install solar panels but you could ask to see the energy bills before signing your rental agreement. This will give you an idea of the monthly expenses you can expect.


Comfort and safety


Damp can cause illness to humans and cause irreparable long-term damage to property. If you are buying a new house you should always commission an extensive survey. Some of these problems can be eliminated by the use of fans and access to efficient heating but if you are suffering from rising damp it’s time to either call in your landlord or see why this was missed in your initial house buyers’ survey.


Your home should make you feel safe, so always ensure that both the electrics and gas are maintained. If you are in any doubt about the wiring or a potential gas leak then call in the experts.


Once you have ensured that all of these vital aspects of your accommodation have been satisfied then you can genuinely rest assured that your living space is ‘fit for purpose.’

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