Interior Picks that Accessorize With Colour

 chairs 300x171 Interior Picks that Accessorize With Colour
Products featured: Archimia Moss Cushion, Wessex Armchair, Azure Blue Throw, Jaipur Cushion, Wide Stripe Throw with Orange & Bradley Club Chair

We all have that hankering, once in a while, to update the living room and give it a bit of a makeover. Painting the walls is one of my personal favourites, because a splash of new colour – even if it on just one wall to create an accent – is relatively cheap for the level of impact created. Painting, on the other hand, is a drag because you have to cover everything and take care not splash the ceiling, or the carpet for that matter.

Looking at other ways of introducing new and bold colours into the living room I have experimented with reupholstering the three piece suite. I have also tried different combinations of rugs and other floor coverings and I am now experimenting with throws that can be used in a myriad of different ways, such as orange over the back of a luxury armchair to create variations of texture (wool on leather) and colour complements (orange on brown). The effect is best used when the chair is facing you as you enter the room. Alternatively, place a boldly coloured throw over your settee. You get a new look as well as a new feel when you sit down.

If stripy burnt orange will not work with the rest of your room’s décor, then try another tone instead. Azure throws tend to work well in modern family rooms, especially if you have kids sharing the space during the day. Use the throw as a way of bringing colour to the room’s design, but it can also cover up anything that you’d prefer not to see.

Once you have given your living room the simplest makeover, by using a couple of throws here and there, it is time to accessorize. Luxury cushions add comfort and warmth to the room. If you want an on trend look that will last, an Archima Moss cushion, with metallic accents and subtle colours is the perfect choice. A range of colours in a simple item, such as a cushion, can bring diverse hues in the rest of the décor together in a way that makes it more coordinated and sophisticated.

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