Ideas to Decorate Your Home As Per Your Fashion Aesthetic!

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home decor Ideas to Decorate Your Home As Per Your Fashion Aesthetic!

Personal style is a big part and parcel of who we are and how we project ourselves. From the crisp and clean, to the flowing and romantic, the vibrant and lively to soft and subdued and everything in between, it says a lot about us and who we are. Similarly your home is or rather should be an extension of your personality. We are happiest in a home that not only speaks to us and gives us joy but also one that speaks of us and the people who dwell in it. Merging your fashion aesthetic with your home interiors and décor style is a match made in style heaven!

Your fashion identity can give you a fabulous starting point for when you begin decorating your room or the home. The colour palettes and kinds of fabrics that draw you in where your clothes and accessories are concerned can make you the most comfortable and happy when extended to the home as well. It can feel deliciously ‘you’!

Here are a few ways you can blend the two to make a home you will love -

  • Draw inspiration from your favourite colours – Take a glance into your closet and have a through look at all your clothes. Most of us will see a pattern emerge as to the kinds of colours and colour families we are drawn to. If you possess a wide range of shades and hues in your wardrobe, pick out some of your most favourite pieces and outfits and see if there is a common thread. Some of the colours you are instinctively drawn to in your clothing are the kinds of shades that will probably resonate with you for your home as well. Then look for paints and wall papers as well as furniture in a colour family or in combinations that you find most appealing. For example, odds are that if you like vivid bright colours you will never want a neutral home with standard beige walls, or if you wear a largely black and white palette loud and bright shades won’t be too pleasing  to your eye for home décor. If you prefer a largely neutral coloured home, look to your patterned and colourful pieces of clothing and incorporate similar visual interest in smaller doses like an accent wall or patterned cushion covers and drapes!
  • Assess what kinds of fabrics you like – Much like our clothing, our choice of furnishings do much to make you comfortable and feel luxurious or authentic. The tactile sense is an important one and the kinds of fabrics and furnishings you use will help you transform a space amazingly well. For example, if you love luxe clothing made of cashmere and velvet, look for softer more opulent fabrics like velvet, brocade and soft silk for your furnishings; or if you have a more organic aesthetic fabrics like crisp cottons, jute and even raw silk can be a match you might appreciate. Assessing what lies in your cupboard and what makes you happiest when against your skin can be a great starting point to select furnishings you will love the feel off!
  • Use your accessories for inspiration – Some of us let our clothes be subdued and interchangeable and add flair and drama through our accessories. Translate your love for certain accessories into superb accent pieces for your home. Love bling like gems and pink diamonds? How about a coloured glass chandelier. Covet a pair of animal print pumps? Try and incorporate some wild animal prints on a rug or via wall art. Adore a vintage ceramic brooch? Find ceramic plates in pretty patterns to hang on the wall. Make these into the statement making décor pieces that are all about your unique tastes and personality!

Decorating a home based on your sartorial choices can be super fun. It is a great way to make a space feel completely like yourself!


Marie Bowen is an interior designer with a flair for drama. She recently decorated her dressing room in a theme inspired her love for turquoise jewellery and pink diamonds. She has her own home improvement and design website in the works and plans to launch soon.






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