How to repair soft surface in playgrounds


One of the issues in deciding which soft surface material to use when covering a playground is the question of repairs.

It’s inevitable that the surface material will undergo lots of use which means that the criteria for which materials to use in the first place is very important.

The cheapest option for covering a playground is to use bark. Replacing the bark is also a straightforward process though playgrounds are increasingly choosing not to use bark because animals use it as a litter tray and people have been known to steal it to use in their gardens.

The other popular option for providing full protection with a soft surface in a playground is to install plastic matting. These come in squares which can be fitted around play equipment and easily replaced should they become damaged.

However, possibly the best material to use for impact protection as a soft playground surface is called wetpour and it looks like Tarmac. The material is durable and long lasting and can be used in areas that have difficult shapes to cover and coloured to make the area look brighter and more inviting.

Repairing a wetpour soft playground surface

One of the drawbacks that some people may point to, is that the material may eventually degrade and become damaged in a small area which means that the entire area or a large part of it will have to be replaced.

This can be a costly exercise but the wetpour surface has probably brought more than 10 years of valuable service without any detriment in its performance.

There is however a simple solution for the small areas that do get damaged and that is to use a DIY kit to repair the wetpour surface.

One such supplier of DIY repair kits is a firm called Soft Surfaces Ltd and they have extensive experience in creating wetpour surfaces that impress and last.

The DIY kits can also be coloured to match the wetpour surface needing repair and the tubs are cheap and can repair an area up to half a square metre in size.

This easy and quick fix remedy is a bonus for what is an impressive material and will ensure that it continues to give good service for years to come.

Maintenance for wetpour playground surfaces

In addition, Soft Surfaces Ltd also have maintenance teams dotted around the UK who can fix problems such as these and they can also supply wetpour de-icer for locations that need it.

These same maintenance teams can also carry out resurfacing jobs to an existing playground.

That’s not to say that the issue of repairs is the overriding concern for anybody wanting to build a playground for children because it should not be.

The most important concern is that the material used to provide fall protection in a playground for children is that the material is compliant with the relevant safety legislation.

Other issues should be about the type and cost of maintenance required to keep the playground looking good. The three options mentioned here are easy to maintain, though wet pour is the easiest since it will last for years without anything having to be done to it.

Repairing the soft surface used in playgrounds is simply something to consider though, in most cases, repairs can be undertaken quickly and easily as well as cheaply. This is especially true if those responsible for running a playground decide to use a maintenance team from a firm such as Soft Surfaces Ltd.

For more information about how to repair the soft surfaces used in a playground, contact Soft Surfaces Ltdon 01625 445760 or visit their website at

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