How to Print a Collage from Pinterest

collage from pin interest

Pinterest is a terrific place to stick and share ideas that cover every industry.  It is a simple tool that anyone can use to collect a plethora of ideas and inspirations.
But what if you want to pin your Pinterest boards to a physical wall instead of the virtual one?  It would be nice to look up and see the pins you look to for inspiration and ideas without turning on the laptop, or perhaps you’d like to display images you’ve already created yourself. You can also create a totally original masterpiece by combining images with a similar theme, such as a collage of all the pins you’ve created, or all the pins you look to for inspiration.
Thankfully, creating and printing out a color copy of a collage made you’re your Pinterest photos is not only easy, it’s fun! The basic tools you will need include; photo paper, ink for your printer ink cartridge and toner.

Collecting the photos is simple; if you have a Pinterest account, you’ve probably already spent quite a bit of time on there while uploading, pinning, searching, re-pinning, commenting, re-re-pinning and organizing.  Decide which pins you want to include in your collage and then create a board to keep all of the photos in one place. Keep the number of photos between six and 15; any more than that and the photos get too hard to see without a magnifying glass.  (If 15 just aren’t enough, consider printing more than one sheet and attaching them to make a larger collage.)  Now, start pinning!

You can use virtually any photo editing software to create your masterpiece. Photoshop is great, but not everyone owns it due to the expense. There are a number of well-made editing software programs that you can download for free, such as Pixia, Serif PhotoPlus SE, and GIMP. Most software comes with a tutorial, but if yours did not, you can find out how to re-arrange, re-size and other operations online.

  1. Open your preferred software.  Start a new document – this is usually under File – New, or you can just press “Ctrl N” on your keyboard.  At the prompts, set the page size to be 8 x 10 (or 10 x 8 if you would prefer a “landscape” version) and use a DPI of 300. If there are no prompts, then modify the image size to reflect the correct size and DPI.  Otherwise, you may find yourself printing a wallet sized collage… cute, but not very effective.
  2. Haul your treasure over.  The most convenient and fool-proof way to get your images from Pinterest to your new document is to right click on the picture in your browser, click on “copy image,” then paste directly onto the document in your editor.  Dragging and dropping will not work from Pinterest – it will “drop” the URL of the image instead of the image itself.  If you don’t see the option to “copy image,” then click once on the photo to go to the actual pin page.
  3. This is important: Avoid copyright issues!  Never use a photo that is clearly marked as “Do Not Reproduce.”  Also, do not sell the collages you design, or use them to sell another product or service, unless you obtain explicit permission from each and every photographer whose photos you are using.  Printing for personal use is typically fine, however.  If you are unsure, then do some research on internet and photography copyright law.
  4. Re-size the pasted image.  When you bring it over, it will probably take up half of the document.  Not all of your photos have to be the same size, however.  You can make a centerpiece photo larger than the surrounding ones, or make them different sizes to add interest.
  5. Rearrange until happy.  Move the images around your document until you are totally pleased with how the design looks.  Don’t be afraid to overlap some pictures, but be careful that important figures aren’t obstructed.
  6. Print the collage. Use glossy photo paper and an inkjet printer. Be sure your printer has a fully loaded printer ink cartridge and plenty of toner. Check all of your settings to ensure they are correct – use high resolution, select “photo paper” and make sure it knows you want to print in color.
  7. Frame it up.  You can find a huge variety of frames for 8 x 10 photos online or in stores.  Try to match the tone of the frame with the tone of the collage. Or, if you prefer, you can just pin your collage to your actual wall.

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