How to Personalise Your Bedroom

personalise bedroom

You probably spend more time in your bedroom than any other room of the house. Although you might enjoy being in your living room, dining room or kitchen, they’re shared family rooms. Your bedroom is different because it’s completely personal to you, so your interior décor should reflect that.


Theme it


Your bedroom might look a bit like a jumble sale at the moment, but if you pick a theme or idea to focus your attention on, it could soon look streamlined and coordinated. Some obvious themes include your favourite colours or artworks, but try and think outside the box. What about a book from your childhood or even a sport? Just about anything will work as long as you ensure you stick to one theme.


Luxury pillows


Forget the pillows you rest your head on to sleep – decorate your room with pillows and cushions of all shapes, sizes, colours and textures. You can show off your personality and add a splash of colour to you room. Go one step further and make your bedroom luxurious from top to bottom with giant floor pillows.


Create a feature wall


When most people talk about adding a feature or accent wall to a room, they’re usually referring to painting it a different colour or decorating it with some patterned wallpaper. Whilst that is a viable option, it’s a little boring. Why don’t you make a real feature out of one wall by turning it into a gallery of your favourite photos, paint it with chalkboard paint for a giant noticeboard or graffiti it?


Show off your snaps


Following on from the last point, the best way to personalise your room is with photographs of your friends and family. If you don’t want an entire wall of photos, how about blowing up one particular snap onto a canvas? Or even just get some funky photo frames and dot them around the room.


Display your stuff


In this day and age, there is a tendency to put all your belongings away so that they’re hidden from sight. From sentimental items, such as your first teddy bear, to your books and DVDs, or just a notice board packed with postcards from your travels – sometimes, having things on display can really add character to a room.


If you’re thinking of updating your bedroom, but don’t know what style or design to choose, find out more at Betta Living.

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