How to Create the Perfect Romantic Bedroom

 The bedroom is one of the most important rooms of the house as it offers the chance for complete rest, relaxation and comfort. The bedroom also offers the opportunity for romance and spending dedicated time with your loved one. Setting the right scene is the best way to encourage the most romantic of evenings and this can done easily with the right style and design of the bedroom and the right furniture within it…

 romantic bedroom How to Create the Perfect Romantic Bedroom

The Bed

The choice of bed is crucial. A large bed littered with comfortable pillows and cushions, soft blankets and stylish bed covers is the best way to not only make the bed the focal point of the room, but encourage more time to be spent there.



One of the best ways to set the mood, candles create a romantic feel with the soft lighting and the chance to create a relaxed and gentle atmosphere.


Bedroom Colours

The colour choices within your bedroom are entirely personal and something that the two of you need to decide on together for the ultimate romantic setting to be created. Deep reds, blacks, golds and whites are all the typical colours of intense passion and romance. Wall colours, furnishings, accessories and furniture can all be done in these warming, inviting colours.


No Clutter!

Completely de-cluttering a room not only makes it more inviting and relaxing, but the focus is on the room and its purpose, making the users feel relaxed and rested and even romantic. Make sure you only have the most essential of items to reduce the busyness of the room and to ensure it constantly remains a calming area.



A picture says a thousand words and having pictures of yourself and your loved one is the best way to recapture the romantic mood, with reminders of happy and loving times surrounding you. Wedding and family photographs are the most popular bedroom choices.


Soft Lighting

This is an absolute must for the most romantic of settings. Lighting can determine a mood and atmosphere and nothing says romance like low, soft lighting.


Textured Fabrics

Velvet curtains, fluffy rugs and textured blankets are all necessities. Being able to feel different fabrics that are nice to the touch adds to the atmosphere you’re creating and the touch and feel creates a feeling of sensuality.


No Television

The TV is an easy distraction and can prevent real relaxation and most important romance from taking place as it is all too common for the television to become the main focus and your partner can be ignored.


Antique Furniture

Intricate wooden bedroom accessories perfectly add to the romantic feeling within the room and support the stylish and intimate theme of the bedroom.


Design it Together

Most importantly, make sure you design the room as a couple, incorporating all the items you would both like to see and ideas that will inspire real romance.

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