How to choose the best rug for your house?

Rugs are an excellent accessory and should be used to carpet the entire room. They are easy to use, provide cushion, comfort and warmth on a wood, concrete or tiled floor. They also give a new look the room. The rugs are pieces of art for the floor and are an important element of interior design. The size matters and it has a direct effect on the price. Selecting a suitable size is often a challenge for the buyer, especially if the rooms in their house are not standard sizes.

Some designers suggest that one should start interior design with the rugs first. From the design of the rug, you can go on to choose colors for painting your walls and suitable paintings and pillows. This completes the decor. One should always remember to follow the basic principle; the rug should never be more than two feet away from walls. While considering the shapes, uses and design preferences the following factors also should be kept in mind.

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Choose a Rug Brand

It is difficult to choose the correct brand for quality rugs. Just check all possible brands and how their quality is going to be. Choose from a list of brands and consider the key descriptions and facts about each brand so that it is easy to decide and order the correct rug. There will be variety of outdoor and indoor rugs available in all the brands. has an excellent selection of Karastan Rugs . For the outdoor rugs you will have to choose a material which can stand against sun exposure, and resist dew and mold.

Select the Suitable Size

To decide the correct size needed for your anticipated location, just measure the area which you wish to conceal. If you are using the rug in a patio or gazebo it rug should be three inches smaller while measuring in all directions when put on the floor space. This will create a bordered effect and also make it easy to clean around and under the rug.

They are accessories which are liked when it comes to defining on the large open spaces. By using a rug, one can separate the play area and the living room in the same way as in indoor decoration. In case you want to use the rug to conceal just a small part of the outdoor space, start by finding out what furniture will be positioned in that area and in what pattern will the rug be placed around the furniture.

There are two thoughts around this whole idea of placing the rugs amongst the furniture. First is that all furniture can be on the rug and second is to place it below the front legs of the respective furniture. If you want to place the rug under a chair, table or around both of them, there should be some area to walk around the furniture and rugs.

AIMG 20 300x225 How to choose the best rug for your house?

Choose the right Color

There is huge variety in the market when it comes to the colors. It can be an interesting job to find the right color combinations. Color is an important issue and so is style. In case you want the rug to catch the attention of the visitor, it should be a bold color or design preferably. The scale, style and placement of the furniture should be grouped and simpler in this case. Surya Rugs are famous for their quality and a great variety of designs. Surya rugs might be the perfect choice for you, if you are looking or high quality at a reasonable price. While choosing the perfect color for the rug, one has to keep in mind that the lighter the color, the more spacious it looks.

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