Four Amazing Ideas for Creating Space in Your Home

create space

We’d all like a little maore space in our homes. Unfortunately, simply adding on another room or two is usually not an option. Some people even choose to move house in order to seek out the extra space they require. However this can be costly and, in today’s fragile property market, time consuming. The best thing to do in this situation, it seems, is to try and create more space in your current home. So here are five amazing space saving ideas which anyone can put into practice!

  1. 1.       Clean Out the Clutter

One of the things that so many people love about moving home is that it gives them an opportunity to ‘clean house’. In the case of moving, this is usually a money saving idea that helps to cut on the cost of removals. However it’s also a great idea for anyone who’s looking to create a little more space in their existing property. We’re often not aware of how much stuff we collect over time, but getting ruthless with your clutter could make your home feel significantly larger and more welcoming. Bear in mind these three rules: if you don’t need it, love it or find it beautiful – it needs to go!

  1. 2.       Create More Storage

Improving your storage options is a great way of creating space in your home and there are plenty of ways you can do so. Compartmentalise your cupboards so they’re more organised. Invest in some fitted wardrobes. Even consider buying a bed with built in storage, like the ones offered by All of these things will help you to both become more organised, and be happier in your spacious home.

  1. 3.       Think Vertically

We often neglect potential space in our homes by only focussing on one level. This is also about storage, but a very precise kind of storage. Why have a cupboard which reaches head height when you can have one which reaches the ceiling? Don’t be afraid to make use of all of the space in your home.

  1. 4.       Repurpose Your Rooms

Sometimes, creating space is as much about opening spaces up as it is about recognising that you’re wasting the space you have. A disused conservatory can easily be transformed into a rec room. A second bedroom can be emptied of clutter and turned into a study. If you have additional space in your home which you’re not using, all it will take is a bit of creative thinking to have the lovely, spacious home you desire.

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