Finding the Right Stove to Suit Your Living Room

Finding the Right Stove to Suit Your Living Room

Wood stoves have multiple purposes and come in a range of different sizes. They can be used to heat an entire home, or simply just a single room. The small versions of the stoves can be used to heat a family room or a seasonal cottage. A larger furnace in other homes can reduce the home’s fuel consumption.

Determine the Size You Need

There are great options when it comes to stoves, with an array of different widths available. There are compact models of around 20 inches, to professional grade stoves that are usually 60 inches. When replacing a stove that has stopped working it is imperative that the replacement is the same size as the original. This way the surrounding cabinetry will not have to be removed. For those who are building their kitchen from scratch, this certainly gives more licence to be flexible.

Electric or Gas

Deciding which type of stove is needed for the house can be difficult. This matter raises questions on what the demands of the house are, and how that can tailor in with the new stove. Gas stoves typically offer a rapid and even heat, but they are difficult to install. Electric models are easy to install, but they don’t quite offer the same power. Whichever one takes the fancy of the homeowner, it is important to remember that the homeowner should always get a stove that is tailored to their needs.

Should You Go New or Used?

Once everything is in place, it is time to begin looking for a stove, new or used, that will fit the specifications that have been laid out. The most economical choice is a used stove. A flick through the classified pages of the local paper or an online search, and it should be easy to find used stoves that are in a good condition. This might include finding that reasonably priced old stove that is still distinctive enough to give off a retro charm.

Alternatively, buying an electric new stove will allow more room for choice. There is also the assurance of an appliance warranty that won’t be on the old one. Although there are some very expensive options out there, good companies such as Glowing Embers offer budget-model stoves, and the twin wall insulated flue systems they need. This way people from a range of different backgrounds can benefit.


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