Feng Shui and Other Mood Boosters


The start of Spring is always filled with so much joy and hope and chocolate. The start of the new season brings with it a wave of optimism and a few days of sunshine and blue skies that lift everyone’s mood for the few days that it lasts.

However soon after the Easter break the Spring blues kick in as we realise that it is not realistic to eat that much chocolate and assume it will have no effect simply because it is Easter and no, it is most definitely not Summer yet. About this time the rain and grey skies return for a few months and it can be easy to start feeling a bit blue, moping about the house and the like.

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Save yourself from the Spring blues with these fabulous mood boosters.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient system of Chinese origin that is based on philosophical principles that aim to harmonize human existence within our surroundings. Practically speaking this can be as simple as introducing a fish tank to your home, turning your bed around so that your feet point the other way or reducing clutter for a calmer environment but consult with a Feng Shui or psychic professional before making any changes yourself. It has been said that incorporating simple Fung Shui into your home can help you to feel more centred and grounded.

Top tip: Tag this on to the end of your Spring clean for a really good feel good moment!

Colour Science

It has been proven that when the eye sees different colours the brain releases different chemicals that impact on an emotional and physical basis. As such, the difference that a red feature wall versus a light green feature wall in your main living space could be pretty huge in terms of its impact on your mood. To find out more about how colour impacts your mood and which colours to pick to help you feel positive, read this interesting article on using colour for happiness.

Top tip: Keep walls neutral and change repositionable objects to give you more flexibility.

Smelling Good

Another important sense is our sense of smell which also has a big impact on our emotional state of being. It has been shown in reports that you are much more likely to remember moments on your life if there is a certain smell associated with it, whether that is good or bad.

Top tip: Pick smells that make you feel happy to use as your room fragrances’ at home.

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