Exotic Landscaping Ideas on a Budget

Having a well-designed landscaped garden is every gardener’s dream.  Unfortunately, a beautiful garden comes at a cost.  Generally speaking, the more complicated a garden design looks like, the more expensive it is to build and maintain.  Buying exotic flowers, materials and landscaping services can take their toll on a homeowner’s budget.  Thankfully, there is a solution.  Gardeners can use simple budget gardening tips and tricks to create an affordable exotic garden.

Decorate the Garden With Topiaries

One of the most useful gardening tips out there is to avoid buying expensive topiary forms.  Instead, gardeners can use a cheap tomato cage.  The legs of the cage can be tied down with plastic coated wire or twist wire.  The plant will then use the wire as its framework when it is growing.

Those who want to plant climbing vines and hanging plants should use pipes as sturdy custom stakes.  Another option is to use an old or inexpensive curtain rod.  The gardener can extend the rod as the climbing vines grow.

Save Money on Fertilizer

Another item which eats up gardening budgets is fertilizer which is sold in gardening supply stores.  Gardeners who want to reduce their fertilizer purchases should consider engaging in composting.  The easiest way to produce compost is to place dry leaves in a container.  The container should then be covered with clean garden soil and placed upside down.  This placement will ensure that the soil comes into contact with the ground.  Within a few weeks, the container will produce a brownish black substance.  This substance can be used as a substitute for fertilizer

There are numerous other ways that gardeners can save money on their landscaping.  Some of these are listed below.

  • Plants that need to be grown in large containers need fillers.  Gardeners can fill the bottom of these containers with aluminum cans before they add garden soil.  These cans make a good substitute for fillers and make the container lighter.
  • Gardeners should not use bricks for pathways and border stones.  The cheaper option is to use broken pots and/or crushed gravel.  These materials also make the garden appear more natural.
  • Brick pillars are often used to decorate pathways and driveways.  As they are constructed by masons, they tend to be quite expensive.  A good alternative to brick pillars are recycled bricks.

The tips described above are simple ways to save money on gardening.  Consumers should be aware that there are many alternatives to the items sold in stores.  Those who use these substitutes can potentially save thousands of dollars a year.

It is worth noting that spending money on certain gardening services can be wasteful.  If a homeowner has the time and energy to perform basic gardening work, they should do the work themselves.  This will result in the landscaper needing to do less work around the yard.  If the landscaper charges by the hour, the homeowner could save a considerable amount of money.  That being said, homeowners should not be afraid to spend money on garden waste removal.  Tree removal in Edmonton services will dispose of garden waste in an efficient and safe manner.

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