Decorate Your Home with Harmony of Nature

Nature makes everything complete and if you’re a nature lover then stop worrying that you can’t enjoy the harmony of nature within your home. Nature is not just about plants and flowers by adding nature inspired furniture, accessories, ornaments, and flooring you can surely feel the joy of living close to nature. Here are some features of home décor that would make you feel better connected to nature and would remind you of nature every now and then.

natural theme 2013 living room Decorate Your Home with Harmony of Nature

Furniture is an essential element in home décor and with the right choice it would certainly enhance the beauty and elegance of your house. You can use your inner genius to choose and place nature inspired furniture that could become a focal point in your home. Select gorgeous rusty loft bed, tree branch bed, walnut tree style bed, tree style bamboo bed, Oak tree branch bed, etc. with bamboo dry erase headboard, tree branch shaped, leaf shaped or flower shaped headboards. You can further increase the beauty by choosing branch coral embodied outdoor pillow, floral pillows, leaf print pillows, pebble print pillows, branch tree print pillows with nature inspired eiderdowns.

Add silver maple tables, Lincoln pull-up table, Oak coffee and side tables, hand carved tree trunk chairs, white birched shelves and bookends, root style stools, tree stump side tables, willow tree dining table, tree branch center table, willow branch furniture, wood style sofa set or printed sofa set with floral, tree, leaf, etc. prints on it. You can further add flower, leaf or pebble shaped sofa cushions and floor cushions to increase the splendor of your home.

Walls and Ornaments:
Add natures charm to change your dull and boring walls into something vibrant. Place floral, woods, scraped wood, birch tree, grassy green, birds and cloud, prints etc. wall papers on the walls along with wood wall clock, shell mirror, hanging mini plant vases,  bird and vine wall hocks, Mushroom shaped wall mounted lights, hanging antique plant wall art, wooden wall planter, nature inspired canvas prints and the like. The perfect choice of lights and ornaments would surely increase the exquisiteness; for instance add enchanted wood light fitting, acorn lights, steam punk lamps, tree candle sticks, wire tree lamps, rustic tree branch candle holder,   cool tree lights, branch shaped chandeliers, metal banana leaf shaped decoration piece for center table, branch style stair case and reeling, chirpy glass art windows, natural wooden doors with leaf or hare shaped door knobs, nature inspired curtains with leaf or branch shaped curtain holder etc. There are several other ornaments and wall art that would surely bring nature inside your home and don’t forget to add fresh flowers and plants in the empty spaces of your house.

Choose wooden flooring as it would give your house a more natural look like choose Carlisle Wide plank floors, Antique Heart pine flooring, Kingsbridge oak flooring, projection polished wood tiles, End grain flooring, Urban flooring, European white oak flooring, Oak nord sea flooring,   Dasso bamboo flooring, honey bamboo strand flooring, grey Southampton flooring, Smoldering hickory, cork floor, Walnut floor, oiled antique hardwood flooring, Ash avalanche flooring, Mirage hardwood flooring and Bone charcoal , French wood flooring etc. Select leaf shaped, flower shaped, floral print, grass print etc. rugs and carpets to give a more vibrant look.

About the Author:
James Anderson is a passionate writer he writes about home decoration and gives his expert advice to decorate your home with nature inspired object.  He also loves to write about printing photos to canvas and cheap canvas printing.

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