Cottage Furniture: Classic Style Yet Still Modern

Cottage furniture originated in the early 1800’s yet the style is still popular today. Cottage furniture designs became very popular in the northeast coast of the United States between 1830 and 1890. For an explanation of what is considered cottage furniture, we turn to Wikipedia, “As the American Civil War began winding down and luxury items were once again sought after, cottage furniture began appearing in workshops and then homes of the wealthy in places like Martha’s Vineyard, Cape May, and the Berkshires. Due to their popularity, these items would not remain exclusive to the upper-class; soon, simpler but equally elegant versions could be found in homes all along the East Coast, particularly New England and Pennsylvania.”


Cottage Furniture Styles:

There are actually different styles of cottage furniture that have a classic way about them but add beautiful color to homes with a modern and fresh feel.  The different cottage furniture styles that are prevalent in modern designs today are: shabby chic cottage, beach cottage, country cottage, rustic cottage, and English cottage styles and designs. For today’s article we wanted to show you the cottage furniture styles that best represent the upcoming seasons of spring and summer.


Beach Cottage Design:

beach cottage design 300x149 Cottage Furniture: Classic Style Yet Still Modern

The wicker furniture pieces, brightly painted woods and floral fabric designs add a colorful cottage beach look to your home. It is one of the best ways to achieve that look of beautiful vacation spots so that when you come home, it feels like a vacation on the northern shores of the United States. The complete beach cottage look especially comes through when adequate sunlight filters into your house. This adds the bright and fresh look of the outdoors. Wicker furniture, such as the Frances Coffee Table from Maine Cottage pictured in the image above, is usually used for patio or outdoor rooms look lovely inside when the other beach cottage furniture colored fabrics with floral patterns or designs. The perfect setting for entertaining guests for tea.


Country Cottage Designs:


The country cottage look features bold wood pieces that are finely finished and painted furniture accents to bring your personality into your home. The country look is especially pulled off well when additional accent pieces are added with floral or patterned fabrics in matching color schemes. The Barn Wood Table  featured in the picture above represents a sold wooden base for your dining table, and the wooden dining chairs painted in any number of colors adds a wonderful romantic look to your home dining experience. Depending on the paint colors you choose, the country cottage can give your home the look and feel of a cottage in the woods, or add a country look to a room in your home.

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