Constant Motion within the Home

Latest design innovations state that homes should be fluid, full of motion and they should immerse into one large living space that creates the feeling of flowing movements throughout all of the spaces within it. Choices in terms of colour scheme, furniture and fabrics need to be versatile enough to allow each room to follow the one theme and to support the idea of fluidity in the home. is one place that helps to provide inspiration in order to help your home to take shape.


Rooms are not supposed to have obvious divides, such as doors or partitions – instead, they should flow into one other. Open plan living is designed to create a different meaning to home life by bringing people closer together through removing restrictions and limitations of clear room divisions.


Open plan living also makes a home appear significantly larger than it actually is; the spaces are opened up which creates more moveable room and a greater area to live within. The living room, dining room and kitchen are all examples of areas where open plan works perfectly. Each room serves a different purpose, but they can be brought together in a united goal to fulfil the needs of the residents and change the way they currently live in a home.

new design home Constant Motion within the Home

Many people are guided by current interior design trends and many allow themselves to embrace interior design recommendations, by trying to incorporate them into their own homes as much as possible. The mere suggestion of open plan living is something that many have jumped at the chance to turn into a reality; it is the biggest trend of the current season and it looks to be something that will not die out in the near future. It is the perfect style contribution for any home environment as it is something that is versatile enough to fit a home regardless of current style, shape and size. It is also something that helps to open up other design elements, such as soft and neutral shades, large, comfort based furniture items and bold, expressive statements which perfectly reflect the artistic mind frames of the home owner.

new painsts Constant Motion within the Home

Current interior design trends call for a combination of styles to create something which is unique and personal, and which is the ideal for those that live within the environment. Design relies heavily on personal perceptions and influences and it requires a level of personality to be added into any design suggestion to make it the ideal theme.

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