Carefully Vet Your Roofing Contractor: Three Characteristics To Look For


roofing Carefully Vet Your Roofing Contractor: Three Characteristics To Look ForYou might have a plumber or an auto mechanic on speed dial, but it is highly unlikely that you have needed a roofing contractor often enough to have one that you use all the time.  This means that you will have to find a contractor for your project and you will have to go through the vetting process to make sure that the contractor is someone you can work with and someone that you trust to do the job right the first time.  Fortunately, there are three characteristics of good contractors that you can look for and that will help you make a good decision on who to hire for your roof work.


The first thing that you want to check for is the professionalism of the contractor and the staff that works with the contractor.  It is easy to see how seriously they take their job and how much respect they have for you.  A professional contractor will schedule an evaluation, show up on time, and do a thorough job in the  process.  When a contractor does not show up to appointments on time, that should be a red flag that the contractor is not very professional.  They do not respect your time, and may not respect your property.  Contractors who do show up on time have better time management skills and are more likely to start and finish the job when the promise.


The second thing that you need to look for is the level of communication that the contractor has with you and how freely you are able to talk to them.  The contractor should be able to show you the damage that has been done to your roof and communicate to you clearly why the work, either repair or replacement, needs to be done.  Most good contractors are also willing to work with insurance adjustors to get you the money you need to get the roof repaired, so the contractor should be able to communicate well with the insurance agent.  If you feel like you cannot talk to the contractor, or they have trouble talking about their policies or products, then that contractor may have a communication problem and they are probably not right for the job that you need done.


Finally, you can find the best contractor around and you might be happy with the work that contractor can do, but if you cannot afford their prices, then they are of no use to you.  When you are vetting the contractor, ask about their prices.  Remember that cheaper is not better when it comes to roofing, and you will want to pay for quality on your roof.  Do not go with a contractor because they have the lowest price; take into account all of the different aspect of the contractor’s package and make a comprehensive decision.

Finding the right contractor is not an easy job, and it may take a couple of different contractors before you find one that you are comfortable with, and one that you can afford.  Roof repairs need to be done as quickly as possible, but that does not mean that you cannot wait a day or two to make a decision about the best contractor for you job.

I am Juliet Mayer, and my husband and I recently had to have our roof repaired.  After going through hell with a contractor that was cheap and could start right away, we became more choosy about our contractor.  I wrote this article to talk about things that make a good contractor and what we look for.  Hopefully others will find the information helpful.  In Harrisburg roofers I use come from  They have the utmost professionalism, outstanding communication and competitive prices.

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