A Fresh Start: Wintertime Home Decorating Inspirations

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As the nights draw in following the summer holidays, winter is a favorite time of the year for many people and a great opportunity to recharge and organize ourselves ready for another year. 

Home Decorating Inspirations A Fresh Start: Wintertime Home Decorating InspirationsWintertime is also the chance to decorate the house with flowers and accessories that remind us of the cold but bright winter months.


The thing that symbolizes winter more than anything else is probably snow and there is a simple way that you can make some festive candles that will remind you of the real stuff outside.

All you need for your festive candles are some glass jars, some tea lights or votive candles and the secret ingredient, Epsom salt.

Fill the jars about a quarter of the way up with the salt and press the candle into the center and you quickly have a winter candle decoration that looks like snow in a jar and looks very effective on the dining table.

You can expand on the idea and add as many fragrant candles as you want and once you have finished, you might even want to load a picture of your creations on your Facebook page so that everyone can also get into the festive spirit.

Last minute DIY 

As you prepare for winter and add some decorations around the house, don’t forget to do those last minute DIY jobs that will make the house look smarter when guests come visiting and also help avoid any unexpected bills if you repair or replace any items before the cold has a chance to cause and damage.

You should be able to find all the equipment and supplies you need from a site like BuildDirect, and it makes sense to have a weekend of DIY jobs so that you can relax when the festive period kicks in.

Houseplants and flowers 

Flowers and plants in the house always give a room an instant lift and there are some great ideas around to give the inside and outside of your home a real festive look.

On the porch, as well as hanging a Christmas wreath on the door, why not use some red ribbons and perhaps an old pair of skating boots which you can tie up with the ribbon and remind everyone of a favorite winter activity.

In the house, the indoor daffodil called Paperwhite is excellent for putting in a bowl on the window or on the table and look very festive.

You could make an elegant arrangement for the winter months using red Asiatic lily, some holly and some snowed blue spruce, which you can arrange in a festive red ceramic pot.

Finishing touches 

Find some pine cones outside and some rustic items such as some interesting twigs and foliage that can be used to create a cozy feel in your room with a fusion of outdoor rustic items mingling amongst the more modern furniture, to make it feel wintry yet warm at the same time.

Use some of the baubles that would normally go on the tree and put them on the mantelpiece above the fire and maybe incorporate some in your table decoration.

Give your home a quick makeover for winter and enjoy some cozy nights by the fire, recharging your batteries for the new year ahead.

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