3 Different Themes for Your Poolside Design

Poolside Design

Whether you’re into do-it-yourself or you consider yourself an amateur designer, turning the area next to your pool into something both functional and attractive is a fun project. Don’t simply throw up some lounge chairs and an umbrella, though. Decide on a theme, roll up your sleeves and get out the paint! Everything from your swimming pool fence to your chairs’ cushions can complement your chosen theme. Choose one of the following three themes for your poolside and turn heads in your neighborhood — or among the friends and family you invite over if you keep your swimming pool private.

Ancient Greek

The statue of a toga-draped woman with a large pot over her shoulder, “pouring” the water into your pool. The pillars framing your pool’s entryway, making it seem like you’re stepping into a bath from the time of ancient Greece. With Greek gods, Grecian art and toga-wearing figures, selecting the ancient Greek or “Greek pavilion” look for your pool is a way to step back into a nobler time.

When looking for ancient Grecian color schemes and designs, consider the following:

  • Gray, white or black in materials resembling stone or marble.
  • Large sculptures and small statuettes of Greek figures in togas.
  • Garden pillars resembling pillars from ancient Grecian architecture.
  • Greciandesigns (such as the key style) on pillows, cushions, and fabrics (you can also use decals or paint them on walls or fences).
  • Water fountains.

Your Greek poolside can be as abstract or as authentic as you like. You can avoid the human statues and paintings altogether and opt entirely for pillars and the Greek key style. You can also make the poolside resemble a coliseum with rows of statues.

Classic Japanese

With the classic Japanese style, your poolside design will make youfeel as if you are one with nature. Create your poolside in the image of classic Japanese architecture — and you’ll step into another world every time you go for a swim or a soak.

Your classic Japanese poolside décor may include these elements:

  • Colors found in nature such as browns and greens. Alternatively, you can go with a stark classic Japanese style using black, red and white.
  • Plant life found in Japan, such as bonsai trees and cherry blossoms.
  • Wooden surfaces: Everything from your pool gate to your deck should be in light brown wooden colors.
  • Stones: particularly shiny black or gray ones. Decorate a corner of the poolside with the stones, oruse them to create a wall or pave a walkway.
  • A Zen garden made of sand.
  • Traditional Japanese stone garden sculptures, like pagoda lanterns or cranes.
  • Bamboo reeds; you may want to include a “deer scarer” (shishi-odoshi) with a waterfall.
  • Cushions and pillows featuring classic Japanese art.

Whether you focus more on the wooden surfaces or the incorporation of plant life into your classic Japanese poolside design is up to you.


If you love nature or you need your pool to function as an escape from the chaos of everyday life, design your poolside with a focus on nature. Transform your poolside into a garden with a waterfall that empties into your pool.

Some ideas for a garden poolside design include:

  • Plants and bushes planted in the ground surrounding the pool and around the deck area. Chooseflowerless bushes and plants if you want a forest-like retreat or colorful blooms if you desire a secret-garden-type retreat.
  • Colors in greens, browns, creams and other shades found in a garden.
  • Cushions and pillows with nature designs on them.
  • Stone statues of forest animals.
  • A cobblestone walkway.

According to the National Swimming Pool Foundation, there are almost 11 million pools in homes across the U.S. Why be one of many with the same boring poolside design? Your pool should be a place for relaxation, a place you can visit to get away from the world. Turn the poolside area into a one-of-a-kind paradise that reflects your tastes and complements your swimming pool’s serenity and beauty.

About the Author: Allen Dyer is a designer who works on both indoor and outdoor areas.

Image Credit: http://www.123rf.com/photo_21850703_swimming-pool-with-beach-chairs.html

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