10 Spring Décor Ideas

Ten Spring Décor Ideas 

When the spring sunshine hits winter dusty windows, you know that it is time for a spring clean and perhaps a makeover in your home. If you are fed up with the current look of your surroundings but are unsure how to change things then here are ten ideas to get you going on your spring home makeover.

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Most of us get a bit lazy about getting rid of things we no longer use during the cold winter months. Before you get started on anything new make a list of all those little jobs that got forgotten until now.

1. Declutter 

Most people find that it is almost impossible to clean or decorate in a messy space.

Sort the clutter into three piles, things you want to keep, things you can take to the charity shop and things you will throw away. Once you have sorted out what is going and what you want to keep, you can start organising the jobs that you want to do.

2. Organise

Sometimes just a simple reorganisation of things can make quite a difference. Tidy all of your shelves and give ornaments and picture frames a good clean. Once the place is organised it’s easier to see what just needs a spring clean and what you want to change.

3. Tidy the Outside 

Once you have tidied the inside of your home it is time to get started on the outside. Make sure that the guttering isn’t blocked with leaves and clear any broken and dead plants from the path. Wash the outside of the windows and give the front door a good wipe down then you are ready to go inside.

4. Soft Furnishings 

Get some new curtains and toning cushion covers as this can really brighten up the look of a room. If your existing sofa is starting to look shabby then get a bright throw that will go with the curtains and cushion covers.

5. Paint One Wall 

If you have neither the time nor the money for a complete redecoration then try painting just one wall in the living room. A touch of colour will really brighten things up and get you ready for spring.

6. Put up Some Shelves 

If you have more ornaments and books than places to put them, hang some more shelves. These days you can get ready painted shelves in bright colours which are quite easy to put up.

7. Hang Some Art Work

 Pictures can really change the look of a room and if they are placed in the right spot give visitors something to focus on.

8. Brighten Up Your Kitchen 

If you cannot afford new kitchen units then why not change the door and drawer fronts and get some of the special covering available for counter tops

9. Get a Patterned Blind 

Blinds are easier to clean than curtains, especially in the kitchen. Shop around for one of the new patterned blinds.

10. Flowers

 A vase of freshly cut flowers is pretty enough to brighten any room when you are thinking about spring décor.

Written by Gozde Kar for Creatively Different Blinds.

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